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Is Your Home 2015 or Newer?

Time To Activate Your Radon Rough-in; It's There For a Reason!



There are various types of radon systems installed to reduce the amount of radon in homes.  The cost and type of system installed in your home depend on the design of your home.


Every home presents its own set of problems.  Even though some homes may be identical, no two homes are the same.  Radon Vision will diagnose the problem and custom design an effective and efficient system to reduce your radon levels as low as possible.


The most common radon mitigation systems used in Calgary are Active Soil Depressurization (ASD) systems.  The primary function of these mitigation systems is to take the gas from under the home and exhaust it outside before entering the house.


ASD systems reduce radon and also:
Decreases moisture and other unhealthy soil gases from entering the home, reducing moulds, mildews, methane, carbon dioxide, pesticide gases, VOCs and other indoor air quality problems.

Cleaner Air Means Better Health!

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